Who Are We?

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: #NoRestocking Policy. Our products, once sold-out, will not be offer again on our site for sale. We offer exclusive merchandise with a maximum production of 100 per item designed. #VIPPolicy 

Our mission is to connect a network of Stars, that are here to keep things fresh and unique, by constantly adding new products and updating weekly designs. If you are looking for Custom UNIQUE t-shirts, Exclusive collection jacket or our hemp-threaded DRUMMER hoodies with 4k technology printed images, Gzone is the shop for you.

GZone The Technology Universe provides enterprise consulting services to their clientele in graphic design, software engineering and digital marketing suites. Gzone also provides consultations on entrepreneur marketing, big data analytics, customizing apps with Google Map interaction, business process automation, AI machine learning expertise and E-Commerce website SEO.

Our VIP Store provides custom apparel/merch, as well as, greek merchandise, and personalized gifts for your friends, sister, dad or sorority family. Our Exclusive online store has some of the best 100% black owned paraphernalia on the internet. Be sure to support our hashtag #GZoneTechU on all social platforms.